Taylor S. Hunter

Photographer & Content Creator

Taylor S. Hunter is a creative, photographer, and wellness guide, whose work is dedicated to affirming black women on their divine paths to self-love and self-discovery. Through her lens, she intentionally creates visuals that encourage women to feel seen and loved; inside and out. She also emphasizes the radical transformation and multifaceted nature of womanhood by highlighting topics related to wellness. From psychology and mindfulness to spirituality and consciousness, Taylor explores the many avenues that women can discover to expand their mindsets and become a reflection of their most authentic selves.

Frances Holmes

Certified Nutrition Consultant, Integrative Grief Practitioner, Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner

Frances is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner who struggled with not knowing enough to help the people she wanted to help. She now has both the knowledge and the confidence she was seeking, and she’s creating tremendous positive change in her community. As an Integrative Grief Practitioner, she also has special training in balancing the somatic aspects of loss and grief with nutrition. Grief, which is prevalent in recovery, is another key area that needs recognition and support during this delicate time of transition. Through diet and lifestyle modification, those in recovery will learn simple and effective ways to create energy, balanced moods, better sleep, and focus as they navigate this challenging time.
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