• How long will my access last?

    Once you’ve purchased a course from Rooted Woman University, you will have access to it as long as Rooted Woman University exists. You can come back and revisit your courses whenever you’d like.

  • How quickly can I complete a paid course?

    To help promote a stress-free experience, the lessons for each of our paid courses are released in weekly installments. Each week, you will receive an email informing you that a new installment to your course has been released and is ready for your access. The first installment will be released seven days from the date you purchase your course. You are able to access released installments as often you’d like.

  • Are the courses free?

    The wealth of information within our platform is priceless, but our goal is to make sure it remains affordable. While our expert-led, in-depth courses require an investment, there are a variety of free resources that you can enjoy any time, simply by signing up for a free account.

  • What topics are covered?

    We are excited for you to get started with our debut courses on sleep, nutrition, and photography here. Stay tuned as we partner with more experts to cover topics like finance, relationships, mental health and more!

  • Who are the course instructors?

    We have a wide range of instructors across multiple disciplines. You can view our current list here. Every instructor is either an expert or a highly experienced practitioner in their field. In other words, we’re bringing you the best!

  • What if I want a refund?

    Refunds are not available once we release the first installment of your course content. If you have issues, questions, or concerns about a course, please send an email to our team to admin@rootedwomanuniversity.com and we will review it and respond to it personally.