Taking Care Of You Is Important...

Taking care of our health has never been more important. Learning how our food choices and lifestyle behaviors can make us less susceptible to chronic ailments and dis-ease is key in today’s world. This program is designed to help you take better care of you!
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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1: Balanced Blood Sugar

    • Module 1: Balanced Blood Sugar

    • Module 1: Handout - Blood Sugar Balance

    • Module 1: Handout - Breakfast Suggestions

    • Module 1: Handout - Common Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

    • Module 1: Handout - Daily Food Guide

    • Module 1: Handout - Go to Foods for Snacks

    • Module 1: Handout - Protein, Carbs and Fats

    • Module 1: Handout - Protein, Fiber and Fat

    • Module 1: Handout - Simple Steps for Nutritional Success

    • Module 1: Handout - Sugar Cravings

    • Module 1: Handout - The Breakfast Club

    • Module 1: Handout - What is a Whole Food

  • 3

    Module 2: Navigate Sugar Cravings

    • Module 2: Navigate Sugar Cravings Lesson 1

    • Module 2: Navigate Sugar Cravings Lesson 2

    • Module 2: Handout - Sugar Blues

  • 4

    Module 3: Restful Sleep

    • Module 3: Restful Sleep

    • Module 3 Handout: Powerful Sleep Stats

  • 5

    Module 4: Self-Care Tips

    • Module 4: Self-Care Tips

    • Module 4 Handout: The Importance of Taking Care of Ourselves Now

In The Lesson You Will Learn:

  • Balanced Blood Sugar

    The importance of balanced blood sugar for sustained energy and better focus.

  • Restful Sleep

    The power of restful sleep and why it’s needed to boost immunity.

  • Navigate Sugar Cravings

    How to navigate and control sugar cravings so they don’t control you.

  • Self Care Tips

    Self-care tips to calm anxiety and promote wellness during stressful times.

Using Food As Medicine

Learn How To Turn Food Into Your Medicine

"Frances, I’ll be honest I was skeptical at the beginning of this program as I never considered myself in need of much adjustment to what I was eating. These last two weeks have been illuminating. I really feel good, am stronger in my workouts, and actually dropping a little weight/bloating. Plus the amount of food I am eating is satisfying. I used to starve myself during the day (my stomach growled so loud once I disrupted a meeting I was in), then snack while making dinner.” — Carolin

Frances really gave me the tools to be able to feed myself in a way that allows me to keep a balanced blood sugar, that helps my mind stay clear, and that really helps me regulate emotions. — Dee

“The Re-Set Program is the perfect way to literally clean up your eating! Frances provides a safe, nurturing environment and gives you all the tools you need to restart healthy eating." — Sandy

"I have a background in public health, and I’ve interacted with a lot of people who don’t ‘walk their talk.' So here’s what I really admire about Frances. She sets a great example for me and the rest of our Re-Set group. She’s a wonderful mentor and a gifted listener. She’s able to take relatively complex nutritional information, simplify it and help me and the other students incorporate it into our daily lives. And she does all this without judgment. Has Frances’ Re-Set Program promoted my wellness? You bet!” — Pete

"I just completed the 5 week Nutrition Reset program, and feel like a new person!  For many years my nutrition habits were stuck in a rut, but with Frances’s endless knowledge, support, and encouragement, I’ve made simple but impactful dietary changes to last a lifetime.  After just 5 weeks, I not only have a much better understanding of how food effects all our systems, but my mind is sharper, my energy is out the roof, my stress levels are down and I sleep like a baby." — Kim

“Frances Holmes’ nutrition advice and personal planning is sheer genius. The first time I went to see her, she understood my body right away. With cheerful, non-judgmental guidance, she created a plan for me that gave me energy and optimism that has changed my life. All her advice and planning was easy to integrate into my life immediately. And I felt better right away, too. Even months later I still feel terrific." — Mary Ann

Is This Course For You?

This course is for those needing nutritional support during times of uncertainty or stress. It’s for anyone struggling with low energy, brain fog, insomnia and anxiety, which is affecting their quality of life.


Certified Nutrition Consultant, Integrative Grief Practitioner, Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner

Frances Holmes

Frances is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner who struggled with not knowing enough to help the people she wanted to help. She now has both the knowledge and the confidence she was seeking, and she’s creating tremendous positive change in her community. As an Integrative Grief Practitioner, she also has special training in balancing the somatic aspects of loss and grief with nutrition. Grief, which is prevalent in recovery, is another key area that needs recognition and support during this delicate time of transition. Through diet and lifestyle modification, those in recovery will learn simple and effective ways to create energy, balanced moods, better sleep, and focus as they navigate this challenging time.


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