Does food stress you out? Are you frustrated by yo-yo dieting or restricting yourself from the foods you want? Do you feel guilty on “cheat days”? So many of us end up in a seemingly never-ending cycle of restricting ourselves and being unhappy, but here’s your opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about how to eat the foods you crave mindfully. In this lesson, health coach Jess Suchan discusses honest and intuitive eating. She will help you realize the importance of being honest with yourself about how you want to feel before and after a meal, and gain a greater connection to your body through intuitive eating. 

From this video, you will learn: 

  • Jess’ Mindful Eating Ritual Guide 
  • How to improve digestion 
  • The physical and emotional benefits of honest eating 
  • How to reduce your stress levels around food 
  • And so much more!